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Crank Brothers

Crank Brothers Stamp Trail BOA 山地車平底鞋 MTB Shoes

Crank Brothers Stamp Trail BOA 山地車平底鞋 MTB Shoes

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黑/金色 橡膠外底

• 安全的非對稱閉合系統包裹整個腳部
• BOA Fit系統 Li2 雙向微調轉盤
• 耐破損物料,增加耐久性
• 加厚後跟,增強的舒適度、穩定性和保護
• 使用TPU物料增強腳趾保護
• 彈性領口防止雜物進入鞋內
• 重量:每隻鞋320克(以美國9.0號作基準)



Secure asymmetric closure system + strap to wrap the entire


BOA Fit System Li2 dual-direction micro-adjustment dial for

precision fit

Ripstop material for excellent durability

Padded heel for enhanced comfort, stability and protection

Gusseted, perforated, padded tongue for enhanced

breathability and comfort

Robust TPU toe protection

Elastic collar prevents debris from entering the shoe

Weight: 320g per shoe (Size 9.0 US / 42 EU)

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