Collection: Kid Bike stroller

Suitable for children aged 12 or under 1.5 meters in height. The diameter of the bicycle is generally 10 to 24 inches.
Children who are two years old and reach a height of 85 cm to 1 meter may consider starting with a balance bike.
This will make it easier to learn to balance, control the speed of the bicycle and stop the bicycle correctly.
If your child is 90cm tall or above, you can choose a 14-inch (approximately 3 to 5 years old) children's bicycle with auxiliary rollers.
Or a 16-inch children's bicycle with additional auxiliary wheels (approximately 4 to 6 years old)
Or a 20-inch children's bicycle (approximately 6 to 8 years old), or even a 24-inch children's bicycle (9 to 12 years old).
12-inch/14-inch children's bicycles include auxiliary rollers, 16-inch children's bicycles * do not include auxiliary rollers (auxiliary rollers are charged separately)
*Bicycle accessories may vary from batch to batch*

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