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Topeak Roadie TT Mini Pump/Topeak Roadie TT Mini Pump

Topeak Roadie TT Mini Pump/Topeak Roadie TT Mini Pump

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Roadie TT

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product description:

The all-metal Roadie TT has two stages of air intake stroke, push and pull. The patented Turbo structure design can achieve 50% labor saving and 200% air intake efficiency, truly achieving high-efficiency and easy pumping effect. The size and weight of the Power Extended Edition make it suitable for carrying in a car pocket or under a water bottle cage. (Longer version)
Gas nozzle French valve with dust cover
The main material Aluminum alloy
maximum pressure 160 psi / 11 bar
Single air output volume 41.4cc
other Water bottle cage holder
size 19.5 x 3.3 x 2.35cm
weight 100 g




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