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TERN ROJI BIKE SURGE 451 small wheel diameter

TERN ROJI BIKE SURGE 451 small wheel diameter

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Tern surge is a small wheel bicycle with a modern and modern design.
The diamond and horizontal design of the frame not only makes Surge very suitable for traveling in the city, but also
It can better cope with various scenarios such as long-distance travel.
The design of the 451mm / 20-inch wheel set gives Surge a sporty feel and takes the rider to a new level.

* Reflective Decal:
The entire car is designed with reflective stickers, making Surge shine like fireflies in the dark. Not only does it make the rider unique, it also provides safety and protection.
* Alloy Aero Straight Long Fork:
The alloy front fork adopts a sharp wind-breaking design to reduce wind resistance even further.
In addition, compared with other bicycles, the extended front fork design makes the rider more stable and handy in control.
*Shimano Claris 2000 Component:
The entire car is equipped with Shimano's latest claries 2×8 speed components. The interior design makes the whole car more concise and clean.
* Alloy Aero-smooth welding cable internal Frame:
The frame has been redesigned and the geometric design has been improved to make it easier for the rider to get on and off alone.
The surface is treated with anodizing effect, making the surface of the frame smoother and more beautiful.

WEIGHT: 10 kg (22 lb)

Shimano R2000, Claris 2×8 spd.

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