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QBICLE BIKE PORTER Triathlon bike box ~ black ~ large size / QBICLE TT BIKE PORTER ~ BLACK ~ L

QBICLE BIKE PORTER Triathlon bike box ~ black ~ large size / QBICLE TT BIKE PORTER ~ BLACK ~ L

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The Qbicle Bike Porter series accompanies you and your car on the MRT and high-speed rail, making it easy to get on and off escalators, enter and exit high-speed rail or MRT platforms. Friends who are preparing to go on a group cycling trip abroad or take personal challenges or compete abroad are welcome to refer to the Bike Porter series of products with the highest CP value.

This model: PRO BAG is specially designed for use with S size Bike Porter cases (106x74x23 cm). The professional design of the three-in-one car bag PRO BAG will make it easier and more convenient for professional athletes to carry their favorite horses to compete in various places and challenge competitions in various countries: it can be carried on the shoulder/storable/pushable.

This product does not include TOGO mobile wheels when retailing, and can be used with the TOGO wheels, the exclusive accessory included with Bike Porter. This model of PRO BAG (grey) allows players to move more smoothly on any terrain or transfer when competing overseas. The ultra-light weight (only 1.6 kg) helps riders save their wallets when checking in. The convenient folding design allows every rider to travel around foreign cities, and mobility is no longer a problem!

After unfolding the PRO BAG , put it into the Bike Porter S size bicycle suitcase, and then put in the disassembled and wrapped frame, front and rear wheel sets, handlebar clips, etc. The frame needs to be placed upside down in the box.

The PRO BAG's three-in-one function allows you to carry it on your shoulders, go up and down stairs, climb hills, easily take the MRT, and transfer to high-speed trains. You can easily hook the two ends of the TOGO wheel set or simply stick it to the bottom of the car bag for use. TOGO's four 360-degree steering wheels allow you to move easily at the airport, to transfer points, or on the sidewalk. It also allows you to move in and out of the airport and high-speed rail platforms unimpeded. When traveling abroad, you can travel by bicycle more easily. convenient!
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