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MKS UX-D Ezy quick release pedal/MKS UX-D Ezy Pedal

MKS UX-D Ezy quick release pedal/MKS UX-D Ezy Pedal

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  • Positioned as entry model because its relatively low cost makes easy to get for trying how useful it is.
  • U=User, X=eXperience, D=Detachable
    →UX-D Ezy
  • For space-saving storage or on-board.
  • For some folding bicycle, you can order assymetric configuration type
    Ezy for Left & Standard spindle for Right.

By MKS original Ezy Superior and Ezy system , the pedals are easily & rapidly released without any specific tools.
It is best suitable for folding bikes or “RINKO” activity: packing and carrying bikes for traveling by train.

The stopper must be fitted.If it could not be fitted, the pedal attachment is incomplete.
Without the stopper, the adapter would be broken, or the pedal may fall off and will result in serious injury.

Weight of a pair: 300g

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