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MKS US-L Pedals/MKS US-L Pedals

MKS US-L Pedals/MKS US-L Pedals

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※ The special Split Binding System designed by Japanese craftsmen can effectively bind cycling shoes and allow you to remove the card with a simple twist.
With its unique Split Binding System(Pat.P) the pedal provides proper holdings of cleats, yet requires minimum release force and angle of twisting your heel.

※ Compatible with MKS pedals and LOOK KEO2 0°&4.5° floating pedals
With MKS original cleat set that compatible LOOK KEO2 cleat (Only 0° and 4.5° float cleat. No compatibility between KEO GRIP cleat)

Appropriate for clipless pedal beginners, and person with inflexible heel

※ 3-stage spring tension adjustment
3 stage adjustable spring tension

※ 9/16″ spindle

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