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MAVIC 2023 CROSSMAX XL R 29 mountain climbing wheelset ~29"/ MAVIC 2023 CROSSMAX XL R 29 MOUNTAIN WHEELSET

MAVIC 2023 CROSSMAX XL R 29 mountain climbing wheelset ~29"/ MAVIC 2023 CROSSMAX XL R 29 MOUNTAIN WHEELSET

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With a 30mm reinforced carbon rim, the Crossmax Carbon XL R is an all-around trail slayer. From steep climbs to rowdy descents, this 29” wheel helps you conquer everything the mountain has to offer.

Weight: 1595 grams (Pair 29")
Weight: 735 grams (Front 29")
Weight: 860 grams (Rear 29")

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Wheel Set
( pair )

Versatille, dynamic trail riding performance

30mm wide reinforced UD2 carbon rim for efficient climbing plus overall strength for technical terrain.

Enhanced strength and smooth handling on rugged terrain

Low-profile rim shape provides frontal compliance and increased stability in rough sections. 30mm wide rim optimized for lower tire pressure and an ideal fit with modern tires trail from 2.3 to 2.6". 24 straight-pull spokes for lateral stiffness and vertical compliance.

Efficient power transfer

Lighter, stiffer Infinity hubs with ultra-reliable ID360 dual ratchet freewheel system for instant acceleration.
Leg-burning climbs, thrilling descents, jaw-dropping scenery and cold beers at the end of the day. These are the days we dream of, and this is the wheelset to help make it happen.

The new Crossmax Carbon XL R has what it takes to be your trusted partner for all your trail explorations. When it comes to carbon MTB wheels, there is such a thing as too stiff. That's why the Crossmax Carbon XL R rim was developed around a low-profile shape that produces just enough vertical compliance to smooth out the ride quality without compromising the ability to climb and corner with efficiency and precision. The rims have an asymmetric shape and are 30mm wide, designed to perfectly fit and optimize the performance of any modern trail riding tire. The external carbon layer features our new UD² construction for a distinctive look and added durability.

We use 24 straight-pull spokes to further dial in the sweet spot between lateral stiffness and vertical compliance. The Infinity hubs feature a stiffer and lighter construction and are enhanced by the ultra-reliable ID360 double ratchet system for fast engagement. Weighing only 1595g, it’s a wheelset that lets you forget the trail and find your flow. It’s available with 6-bolt or center lock disc mounts and is compatible with Shimano HG9, SRAM XD, and Micro Spline freewheel bodies. The Crossmax XL R comes in 29” and ships with UST tubeless valves, spare spokes and accessories.


  • Material: 100% carbon fiber with UD² external layer
  • Drilling: traditional
  • Internal width: 30mm
  • Hookless profile
  • ETRTO size 29": 622x30TSS
  • Asymmetrical rim design
  • UST Tubeless Ready


  • Material: steel
  • Shape: straight pull, flat, double butted
  • Nipples: aluminum, ABS
  • Count: 24 front and rear
  • Lacing: front and rear crossed 2, contactless


  • Hub available with 6-bolt or center lock (R) brake rotors
  • Infinity Hub
  • Instant Drive 360
  • QRM Auto


  • Disc standard: 6 Bolts or Center Lock (R)
  • Hub width: Boost only (front 110, rear 148)
  • Freewheel: SRAM XD, Shimano HG9, Shimano Micro-Spline


  • Rear axle: 12x148 Boost thru axle
  • Front axle: 15x110 Boost thru axle
  • Boost Axles: 15X110; 12X148

Compatible Adapters and freewheel bodies

  • Boost: Torque Caps (LV2374400)
  • ID360 Shimano HG9 alloy freewheel body ( LV3780100 )
  • ID360 Shimano Micro Spline alloy freewheel body ( LV3990100 )
  • ID360 Sram XD freewheel body ( LV3740100 )

Intended use

  • For a longer longevity of the wheel, Mavic recommends that the total weight supported by the wheels doesn't exceed 150kg, bike included
  • Recommended tire sizes: 50mm to 76mm (2.0" to 3.0")

Delivered with

  • UST valves and accessories
  • Pre-installed tubeless rim tape
  • Multifonction adjustment wrench (delivered with rear wheel)
  • 2 replacement spokes with each wheel
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