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KPLUS S010 ULTRA road cycling helmet Road Helmet

KPLUS S010 ULTRA road cycling helmet Road Helmet

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The ULTRA series helmets have a streamlined and flexible aerodynamic hat shape. In addition to the standard KPLUS new Asian head shape and K1 head lock adjustment system, they also use the new MCS™ magnetic cap system. Aero Blade™ low wind-resistance and flow-diversion magnetic cap: built with one-piece technology, which can effectively reduce wind resistance and air turbulence; and AeroVent™ air dam-type magnetic cap: multi-hole ventilation slots can effectively increase air convection Help dissipate heat. ULTRA is a high-performance and multi-functional helmet product that can be used and matched according to personal needs.


Exclusive patented design certification
MCS TM Magnetic Lid System
K1 Headlock Adjustment System
Patented powerful magnet buckle
Silver ion (Ag+) reflective webbing
Taiwan CNS testing standard certification
European safety regulations CE-EN1078 certification
COOLMAX® breathable fabric lining in three sizes with foam lining
Environmentally friendly water-based paint coating

Small size 53-56cm

M medium size 56-59cm

L large size 59-62cm

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