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KACTUS KTRT stainless steel six-hole disc/KACTUS KTRT 6 HOLE DISC

KACTUS KTRT stainless steel six-hole disc/KACTUS KTRT 6 HOLE DISC

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The stainless steel disc body is designed with linear reinforcing ribs between the floating nail fixing units, changing the original arc connection between nails to straight lines, reducing distortion and deformation under heavy braking and high temperature environments. The braking feel is clearer.

The brake friction surface adopts a curved long slot design to optimize the friction area while reducing weight.

All styles are designed with large-diameter hollow floating nails, which not only increases the internal and external contact surface area, but also increases the heat dissipation area of ​​the floating nails themselves.

The aluminum alloy bracket parts are all CNC machined using 7075 aluminum alloy. In response to the heavy load requirements of 180 and 203, a reinforced structural design is adopted.

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