SUPER B 拆呔工具(膠)~1 套 3 支~TB-5568 / SUPER B TIRE LEVER~SET OF 3 PIECES~TB-5568

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•Made of industrial plastic and designed in unique shape for strengthening the structure of the tire levers.

•Wide and flat, compact and lightweight, the greatest take-along lever.

•Strong enough to remove some of the toughest tires, including most of tubeless tires in the world!

TB-5568: set of 3 pcs.

  • TB-5569: 105 pcs / countertop display box.
  • 一組3支。
  • 工業級塑料製成,獨特外型強化了挖胎棒結構,寬又扁、,小而巧,是您外出使用必備工具。
  • 適合用來拆卸最難處理的高張力輪胎,也適用於無內胎的輪胎,是目前世界上最超級耐用的挖胎棒。