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前叉避震防撞補膠 (不含安裝碼)

Description of ODI Fork Replacement Bumpers

Fork and frame protectors for triple crown forks. With number plate hooks to allow easy attachment. Different colour bumpers - colour match with your bike. 

ODI Lock-On Fork Bumpers are designed to replace the stock bumper pads that can be difficult to position correctly or slide out of position putting your frame at risk.
Designed for easy installation without the need to remove the upper crown the Fork Bumpers simply slide over the fork stanchion tube and bolt into position.
Constructed of durable nylon material that will not stretch or crack like traditional fork bumpers to ensure that, once locked into position, your fork bumpers will stay in place preventing damage to your frame.
The set includes soft Bumper Pads constructed of ODI's proprietary thermoplastic rubber compounds which are easily replaceable so you can update your frame protection when needed.