MKS Compact Ezy 快拆腳踏 / MKS Compact Ezy Pedals

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本官網買滿HK$800香港、澳門地區順豐快遞包郵***不包括重量超過5 kg 或 最長邊超過60cm的產品***



The MKS Compact is perfect for folding bikes!

At 302 grams for the pair, the Compact is our lightest pedal equipped with an Ezy quick release axle system.
Its double-sided one-piece pedal body has a low profile made of CNC milled extruded alloy.

The compact uses a single sealed bearing and bushing bearing, which not only helps keep the weight down but also keeps the pedal impact resilient.

The stopper must be fitted. If the stopper is not installed the pedal attachment is incomplete.
Without the stopper the adapter can break, or the pedal may fall off resulting in serious injury.

Weight of a pair: 302g