Trek Emonda SLR 公路車

Trek Emonda SLR road bike

I wonder what model you would expect from Trek’s most powerful frame?
The new Emonda SLR frame this time will definitely make your car even better.
The body lines of Émonda are more streamlined, and the tube shape in many places has evolved from round tubes to the Kammtail Virtual Foil (KVF) airfoil design with a more wind-breaking effect; in order to make the top tube more streamlined, the head tube uses an integrated design; it is semi-hidden The internal cable routing design allows each cable to pass through the body through the integrated head tube upper cover, allowing the cable routing to completely fit into the standpipe.
This design makes the overall shape of the front of the car simpler and the flow of gas smoother.

💡 Trek 2021 Emonda Features:
👍 New material: Trek’s proud 700 OCLV carbon has been upgraded to create a new material 800 OCLV carbon, which has a 30% increase in strength and can create a lighter and stiffer frame. The net weight of the Emonda SLR frame can be reduced to less than 700g!

👍 New design: After mastering the lighter and stronger 800 OCLV carbon, Trek studied more than 50 frame designs to create a new Emonda frame, and incorporated Kammtail Virtual Foil into the head tube, down tube, seat tube, and seat stays. Who says hill climbers can’t break the wind?

👍 H 1.5 geometry, co-developed with the Trek Segafredo team, combines the balance of speed and comfort

👍 T47BB specification - It can be modified to a 30-axis large cross-legged set. It adopts a locking tooth type to facilitate technicians' disassembly and maintenance. More importantly, the problem of abnormal noise can be greatly reduced.

👍 It can be equipped with the Aeolus RSL faucet handle designed for Emodna SLR, with built-in pipes; the Aeolus RSL 37 wheelset has a 37mm all-round rim depth, but is still lighter than the 28mm rim depth of the Aeolus XXX 2, so you don’t need to Make the difficult choice between climbing or breaking the wind

👍 Increased tire compatibility width to 28C, giving you greater choice

As a pure-blooded hill climber, Emonda 2021 has been further improved by the previous generation, giving you an unparalleled and smooth riding experience, whether on hill climbs or flat roads! 😉
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