Trek Domane SL 5 公路車介紹-單車配有隱藏式内部存儲空間

Trek Domane SL 5 road bike introduction-the bike comes with hidden internal storage space

The new Domane SL 5 has a summer color, bright orange, refreshing and energetic, and what’s even more outstanding is its 500 IsoSpeed ​​system, which effectively absorbs vibrations during riding, and is equipped with hidden internal storage space. Place the cycling supplies you need. Make your journey more convenient. Let’s take a look at the accessories of Domane SL 5:
-Lightweight 500 OCLV carbon fiber frame
-Internal storage space, hidden design BITS storage bag
It can hold 16 grams of carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide bottle head, tire tie rod, and backup inner bag respectively.
-There are IsoSpeed ​​systems both front and rear. TREK's patented IsoSpeed ​​design effectively absorbs vibrations during riding, so it is especially suitable for long-distance riding.
-Flat mount disc brake
It will be lighter, smaller and more powerful than traditional disc brakes.
-Wide tire clearance
Can fit tires up to 38c wide
-Shimano 105 drivetrain, disc brakes providing all-weather braking power
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