Trek 2021 Domane 工具收納艙

Trek 2021 Domane tool storage compartment

Trek 2021 Domane tool storage compartment
2021 Domane is an endurance road bike that can handle various road surfaces such as concrete, stone slabs, and gravel. The newly designed frame gives you faster, smoother, and more comfortable performance! Both the head tube and top tube have IsoSpeed ​​buffer design. It can absorb and slow down various vibrations from the ground without losing pedaling efficiency.

💡The unique feature of 2021 Domane is the built-in tool storage compartment at the water bottle cage of the downtube. You only need to push the lever to open this mysterious large space. With the special Bontrager tool storage bag, you can properly store inner tubes, tire digging sticks, and CO2 Pump bottles and pump heads, life-saving driving tools all at once! This vehicle tool set can be easily fixed on the storage hatch cover. With such complete equipment storage, the seat bag will no longer be a necessary equipment for your cycling adventures. The appearance of the car body is simpler and fresher, and the freed seat tube space can be used for installing tail lights.

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