【Trek 三大系列——Émonda 、 Madone 、 Domane】

[Three major Trek series - Émonda, Madone, Domane]

Trek's three signature car series, the three names are composed of the same six English letters on the left, which is a small ingenuity. The three major series of Trek are respectively: Emonda - a lightweight hill climber; Madone - Aerodynamic bike; Domane - a long-distance endurance bike that has all the essence of Trek , each with its own differences.

The word Emonda is a French word that means trimming. Naming the bicycle with "Emonda" means extremely light weight! In the past few years, Emonda has always optimized and tightened the rear fork, front fork, seat tube, head tube and tube shape.

Émonda's frameset is further subdivided into three levels, namely the signature models SLR , SL , and the aluminum alloy ALR .

The word Madone is French, meaning it refers to a local climbing holy place in France. Doesn’t it mean that Madone is an aerodynamic vehicle? Why is it named after a climbing holy place? It turns out that the early Trek hill-climb racing model was really called Madone . Later, the aerodynamic model was changed to an aerodynamic model, so Madone The term continues to be used on cars, and Madone also has built-in TREK’s unique shock-absorbing design ISOSPEED , Madone I want to silently help you absorb shock waves and reduce the loss of physical strength spent on anti-seismic balance. 

Like Emonda, Madone is divided into three levels, namely the signature models SLR and SL . The difference is that Madone does not have the aluminum alloy ALR .

Domane is definitely the most king-like model. As a long-distance endurance shock-absorbing model, Domane is definitely the most durable among Trek models.

Domane has Trek’s signature ISOSPEED shock-absorbing design, and as a long-distance vehicle, Domane fully understands everyone’s needs. It has a built-in downtube storage box that can store inner tubes, pectins, windbreakers, etc., with a large capacity.

It is worth mentioning that Trek has a customizable and self-selectable color system - Project One. If you are interested, you can check out the official Trek website to see what colors are available to match with accessories!

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