Trek high-quality stroller recommended!🤓👍

Trek’s high-quality stroller recommendations!

The hot summer is the perfect time to go out and ride a bicycle with your children. We recommend two high-quality baby bikes from the Trek series to your children. They are Precaliber series and WAHOO series respectively.
The Precaliber has a super strong front suspension fork that is suitable for any terrain.
You can wait until the children can drive to the park without worrying about the rocks. It is easy to click, safe and reliable. 🤓 👍
WAHOO is lightweight, has strong practical performance, and is equipped with a 1x8 power transmission system. It is a good choice for little ironmen when children let themselves go on the road!
In addition, Trek vehicles can adjust the speed, allowing children to adjust the seat height as they age.
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1) Trek Precaliber kids bike
Material: Alpha Silver Aluminum aluminum alloy frame
Size: 20 inches, 24 inches
✔️ 7-speed transmission and handbrake
✔️ Front suspension fork effectively absorbs road bumps
✔️ This bike comes with a handbrake, so children can use this to develop confidence before upgrading to a geared bike.
✔️ One speed is what you need - simple set-up boosts your child's confidence and helps them stay in control
✔️ You can replace the integrated saddle handle with an integrated light fixture to improve visibility for family adventures and personal hikes
✔️ Similar to other Precaliber bikes, this one has a lower frame, making it easier for kids to stand up and get on and off the bike

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2) Trek WAHOO! Lightweight children’s bicycle
Material: Alpha Silver Aluminum aluminum alloy frame
Size: 20 inches, 24 inches
✔️ Lightweight: Made of Alpha Silver aluminum alloy, children can easily take the bike anywhere
✔️ Cross-terrain: Durable and reliable 1.95" cross-terrain pattern tire, not afraid of bike trails, loose soil, and gravel roads
✔️ Multi-stage shifting: Shimano 8-stage shifting system is used, which is safe and reliable, making it easier to go uphill and downhill.
💡 The following are the recommended dimensions for TREK children’s bicycles
12": 86-102 cm
20":114-132 cm
24": 130-150 cm

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