TERN BYB folding car introduction

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Tern BYB features:
👍Convenient storage
BYB is compact, thin and 30% smaller than a traditional 20-inch folding bike, so it won’t get in the way wherever you put it. Can be placed behind the door, under the table, or in the closet. In fact, BYB can fit into any standard cabinet, so no matter how many BYBs you have, it will only take up the smallest amount of space.
👍TriFold Technology
TriFold technology is our patented new folding technology that folds the bike smaller and delivers a high-quality ride.
👍TFL frame joint With an organically curved form that optimizes strength, TFL frame joint is our most advanced technology and brings together a series of important technologies.
👍Physis RF
After the frame, Physis RF is our new 3D forged riser, which is the most important component that gives BYB a stiff and responsive ride.

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