Tern遊吐露港  品嚐沙田18消暑夏菜

Tern tour Tolo Harbor and taste Sha Tin 18 summer dishes

Tern Tour Tolo Harbor

Try Shatin 18 summer dishes to cool down

Tern Tour Tolo Harbor Cycle Trail.

I want to have a good time riding a bicycle, and I also want to have a good time eating delicious food. It turns out that I can have both. The editor set off from Sheung Shui on this trip on a small Tern. He rode the most beautiful Tolo Harbor cycling track in Hong Kong under the blue sky and blue sea, enjoying the cool breeze. He arrived at the adjacent Ma Liu Shui Public Pier, passed through the tunnel, and arrived at the Hyatt Regency Shatin Hotel. Restaurant Sha Tin 18 , where you can enjoy seasonal summer dishes to cool off the heat.

The century-old Tai Po Railway Pier is a good place to take a break while riding.

The Tolo Highway Cycling Trail is said to be one of the most beautiful cycling trails in Hong Kong, with wide pavement and shady trees. The editor rode on the Tern and rode the wind, and was carried away by the sea breeze. On the way there is the half-century-old Tai Po Railway Terminal. Riders may wish to check in here and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the sea and sky. After resting, we continued on and arrived at Ma Liu Shui Pier. We started to feel a little hungry and it was time to look for food again.

Cycling to the Maliushui seaside area, you can see the blue sky and blue sea.

Sha Tin 18 Seasonal Summer Vegetables

The weather is still hot these days, and if you want to cool down with something to cool off, when you come to Ma Liu Shui Pier, you might as well go to the Hyatt Regency Sha Tin on the Tolo Harbor and taste the Sha Tin 18 seasonal summer home-made dishes at the Chinese restaurant, which will guarantee a sweet and sour taste in the mouth of the riders. A burst of grass fragrance is slightly spicy, or it is thick and sweet, like the cool breeze blowing from Tolo Harbor, refreshing. The advantage of riding Tern is that it is flexible and convenient. It can be folded up and brought into the house.

Leaning on the railing and looking at Ma'anshan on the other side.

The Hyatt Regency Sha Tin on Tolo Harbour.

Abalone mixed with yellow pepper pickles

There are many choices for seasonal summer dishes in Sha Tin 18. The appetizer is abalone mixed with yellow pepper pickles. The chef salts the Chinese cabbage for an hour until it becomes soft, and then adds Thai yellow pepper, carrot, chili oil, vinegar, salt, garlic, etc. to the abalone. Marinate for at least 12 hours. The kimchi is sweet and sour in the mouth and crisp, while the abalone is soft and juicy, with a rich and refreshing taste.

Abalone mixed with yellow pepper pickles.

White eel with wild pepper and lemongrass

Choose Taiwanese white eel with juicy meat, cut into thin slices and mix with homemade wild pepper sauce and garlic; add lemongrass to the clay pot and saute until fragrant, put the white eel on top, cover the pot and bake for 5 minutes until cooked through. Open the lid of the pot and you will be greeted by the refreshing lemongrass and wild pepper sauce. The fish tastes oily and smooth, with a slightly spicy taste.

Wild mountain pepper, lemongrass and eel.

Daojiao pan-fried stuffed whole dace fish

Dongguan's traditional method is to remove the meat from the dace fish and leave the skin on. The fish meat is mixed with cured meat and whole peanuts, stuffed with fish skin, then fried and stewed with special sauces such as black beans and ginger slices before cutting into pieces. Sweet, fragrant and chewy, rich and tasty. Other seasonal summer dishes include stir-fried fresh chicken with rice wine, which is sweet and smooth on the throat and will whet your appetite; fried rice with salted fish, scallops and ginger rice is very tasty.

Daojiao pan-fried and stuffed whole dace fish.

Fermented bean curd cheese puff dessert

The new summer dessert selection includes fermented bean curd cheese puffs, which are not only crispy on the outside but soft on the inside, but also filled with Chinese fermented bean curd and Western-style cream cheese. It has a smooth texture and rich flavor. The editor’s favorite is the homemade apricot juice, snow fungus and papaya ice cream. The papaya is pureed and then mixed with apricot juice and added with pieces of snow fungus to make the ice cream. It is sweet, moist and delicious. Others include cold fruit cheese rolls and red date and plum Italian cheesecake.

Fried chicken with rice wine.

Salted fish, scallops and ginger rice fried rice.

Fermented fermented cheese puffs.

Homemade apricot juice, snow fungus and papaya ice cream.

Cool fruit cheese roll.

Date and plum Italian cheesecake.

Written / Photographed by: Louis Choi

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