Tern tour Tolo Harbor to experience the trajectory of East Rail over the years

Tern tours the Tai Po Railway Pier and feels the history of the East Rail Line.

It had been raining for days and it finally became sunny. The editor couldn't bear it anymore and immediately went out riding the Tern to bask in the sun. Recently, the East Rail Cross-harbour Line has been opened to traffic, and the old and new carriages have alternated, making it very noisy. Taking advantage of the joy, the editor started from the Sheung Shui Cycling Trail and followed the East Rail Line through Fanling, Tai Po, and Ma Liu Shui, to a place that is popular with cyclists. The neglected century-old Tai Po Railway Terminal. Under the blue sky, blue sea and refreshing breeze, you can feel the trajectory of the East Rail over the years.

The century-old pier has become a good place for cycling and fishing.

Against the backdrop of the blue sky and blue sea at the pier, the white and black Tern looks even more dazzling.

Editor Tern walked through Yuen Chau Tsai Park and came to the most beautiful Tolo Highway Cycling Trail. The road is wide, shaded by trees, and cool breeze blows from Tolo Harbor. Cyclists were so busy racing that they easily missed the half-century-old Tai Po Railway Terminal, which is connected to a cycle track. It's a pity that I can't get in. Of course I won't miss it. Park the car on the left and ride into the scenic Tai Po Railway Terminal.

The Tolo Harbor section is one of the most beautiful bicycle landscapes in Hong Kong.

Tern went to Ma Liu Shui Beach and was so happy that she was so happy.

Stations connecting sea and land

The Tai Po Railway Terminal where we are is located right next to the Tai Po Kau Station (now Ce Shing Heen) on the East Rail Line that has been out of service for a long time in Tai Po District. Tai Po Kiao Station was originally called Tai Po Station. It was opened to traffic in 1910 and was later renamed Tai Po Kiao Station . Back then, after arriving at Tai Po Kiao Station, passengers would go to the pier and transfer to the kaito to go to other places or outlying islands in the Dapeng Bay area. With the completion of the Ma Liu Shui Pier and the completion of the second phase electrification project of the Kowloon-Canton Railway (British Section) on May 2 , 1983, the station and the wharf completed their historical mission.

Looking at Ma'anshan on the other side.

Tern leaned against the railing to enjoy the cool breeze.

Flying over the Ma Liu Shui waterfront

This inconspicuous little pier was later entrusted with important tasks by the East Rail Link. Over time, it has become a good place for fishing and cycling. At the end of the pier, the white lighthouse still remains and has become a check-in hotspot. Leaving Tai Po Railway Terminal with the cool breeze, the editor rode the wind on a small Tern and arrived at Ma Liu Shui Pier. It was a different time and space. There are not many people on the beach, so I can’t help but take a leap. Riding a bicycle has always been so uninhibited.

The scenery of sea and sky.

Photos and text: Louis choi

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