SIMPLE IS MORE ---- 簡約讓你獲得更多

SIMPLE IS MORE ---- Simplicity allows you to get more

How many things do you need to bring with you when you go out to ride a bicycle? Wallet, keys, phone... When it seems that what you want to bring is never enough, some designers are adding the most basic things. Let’s do research and development on things.

The ultimate goal of product development by the design team of LUMIS™ urban bicycle bag is to reduce your stress and worries in daily simple travel. In addition to collecting product information on the market, the LUMIS team also interviewed dozens of bicycle users during the design process. After conducting data analysis, we found that bicycle accessories are often installed piecemeal on the bicycle, making the bicycle complex and messy.

Take the relationship between cushions, bags, and warning lights as follows:

1. Most users report that there are too many accessories, leaving insufficient space for bicycle seat tube installation. The seat tube needs to be constantly raised, and the seat cushion also needs to be raised, which has caused discomfort while riding!

2. There is no integrity in using different accessories. Each accessory is cool, but the assembly is weird.

3. Taking items out of the bag and constantly bending down to get them makes people feel inconvenienced.

4. The cushion bag tool set was stolen.

5. The bag is not waterproof.

Therefore, the LUMIS™ urban bicycle bag made adjustments in three aspects: seat cushion, bag, and warning light, and conducted research to adjust and improve the parts to arrive at the current design.


It is different from the bags that are usually fixed on the bicycle, and makes the bicycle have better integrity.

The arm-type bracket design creates a semi-floating visual experience and can also avoid friction between the inner thigh and the seat cushion bag.

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