FIZIK bicycle seat

Bicycle seats on the market are roughly divided into wide and large seats, narrow and slender rigid seats, and wide and short-nose seats.

The wide and large seat is suitable for slow and long-distance users. There is a large and even support surface between the seat and the buttocks, which provides better comfort on long journeys.

Narrow and slender hard seats are common on road bicycles. When pedaling at high speeds, the wide seat will rub against the inner thighs, which can easily cause skin damage and pain. Therefore, the slender and streamlined seat design was born.

The wide + short nose seat has become popular among road cyclists in recent years. The short-nose seat originated from UCI competition rule 1.3.013, which stipulates that except for track cycling sprint events, the horizontal distance between the nose tip of the seat and the vertical line in the center of Sumitotsu must not exceed 5cm for participating vehicles in other competitions. If there are special physical circumstances (such as a driver who is too short), an application needs to be made during the event vehicle inspection. The earliest use of short-nosed or no-nosed sitting positions began with the triathlon. The purpose is to enable athletes to remain in the TT (timetrial - time trial) position for a long time and avoid discomfort in the driver's lower body. In addition, the wide + short nose design combines the advantages of increased blood flow and high pedaling efficiency, making it suitable for cyclists who do not frequently change their pedaling posture.

When it comes to choosing the right bike seat, the relationship between rider and bike starts with a solid foundation: the seat. As a basis, the FIZIK Performance Racing Seat has been carefully researched and refined, drawing on more than two decades of research laboratory expertise and real-world testing experience on public roads and mountain trails. FIZIK bicycle seats are at the forefront of innovative cyclists leading the industry.

FIZIK's full range of men's and women's cycling seats are carefully designed with specific ergonomics and width and profile options to suit different body types and cyclists' individual postures.

Developed by FIZIK's team of engineers, experts and professional athletes, FIZIK seats provide a comfortable and responsive experience whether climbing on the road or descending on the dirt, from lightweight road series seats to gravel and mountain trails for off-road use. The triathlon seat series Adventures and FIZIK designed for multi-athletes.

Driven by innovation, from FIZIK's proprietary Wingflex, designed to accommodate a cyclist's inner calf movement for unrestricted range of motion, to the durable Kium Alloy and Carbon Monorail System, every FIZIK bike seat is engineered to push the bike Men and women who move forward, step by step.

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