CRANKBROTHERS new mountain bike shoes

Mallet Series lock shoes

Crankbrothers Mallet series of shoes are very suitable for mountain trails. It has a cleat pit with a bevel design that matches the matching system.

Facilitates front and rear locking movements and better mud discharge.

The locking plate adjustment hole is specially equipped with a Race Zone racing mode, which can position the locking plate further back, thus increasing the stability when going downhill.

The Mallet series of locking shoes provides three locking versions of BOA® shoelace binding system, magic buckle and laces, allowing riders to choose the version that best suits them.



Made of perforated mesh breathable material

The tongue is thickened to protect the top of the foot

TPU reinforcement for protection and improved wear resistance

Heel dot design improves traction and support

Invisible threading hole, durable, simple and beautiful


Match matching system is compatible with various cleat systems

The locking plate adjustment hole is specially designed for racing mode, and the more rearward locking plate fixing position can bring better stability.

Inclined locking plate pit facilitates locking and unlocking, and provides better mud drainage

Pre-installed Crank Brothers Match System cleats

Friction material in MC1 for easy unlocking

Specially designed sole rubber particles of different sizes increase grip when walking

Sloping forefoot design, suitable for walking

Stiff midsole provides better power transfer

Cushioned EVA midsole


In addition, there is also a series of STAMP FLAT flat shoes for everyone to choose from!

Flat shoe design, suitable for walking on the street or cycling. Extra thick, wear-resistant rubber sole. The special sole pattern can slightly catch the pedal spikes.

If you are interested, please go to the following link to buy online

Crankbrothers MALLET E-Series

Crank Brothers MALLET E Speedlace Clip-in Mountain Bike Shoes - Black Silver (Black Sole) MTB cllip-in shoes

Crank Brothers MALLET E BOA clip-in mountain bike shoes - black gold (black sole) MTB clip-in shoes

Crank Brother MALLET E LACE Clip-in mountain bike shoes-black blue (black sole) MTB clip-in shoes

Crankbrothers STAMP Series

Crank Brothers STAMP Speedlace mountain bike shoes MTB flat shoes

Crank Brothers STAMP LACE mountain bike flat shoes - black and red (black sole) MTB flat shoes

Crank Brothers STAMP BOA mountain bike flat shoes-black gold (black sole) MTB flat shoes

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