Hong Kong off-road cycling activities-Equipment

After introducing the venues for cross-country cycling in the previous article, this time I will introduce the equipment.

In terms of helmets, because the road sections of cross-country bicycles are relatively rugged, the coverage of the helmet will be larger than that of ordinary road bicycles, and may be equipped with a visor.

The following is the equipment of BELL’s professional off-road bicycle helmet BELL 4FORTY AIR MIPS

4Forty Air Mips are packed with professional-grade features designed for private use. Featuring a stylish new shell and 3-position visor, the benefits are not only obvious radiation, but also serve important functions in terms of increased air circulation, effective sweat management and better goggle compatibility. Our Float Fit™ system, built-in Sweat Guide™ and antimicrobial Ionic+™ padding ensure all-day comfort, while integrated Mips and extended hard-shell coverage help you stay focused in all breaking conditions. Upgrades like eyewear ports, Fidlock® magnetic closures and premium shoulder straps make 4Forty Air Mips a top choice for everyday trail riding.

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