Bicycle maintenance - daily maintenance steps

People need maintenance, and cars also need care from their owners. The following is a bicycle maintenance step that is suitable for riders to collect, so that they can remind themselves at any time to check and maintain their bike.

Before each trip, you can:

  • Check wheel air pressure.
  • Make sure the chain is properly lubricated.
  • Make sure the brakes are firm and powerful, the wheel is centered on the frame, and the quick release lever is properly tightened.
  • Check whether the brakes are working properly and whether the brake strips are in good condition.
  • Check the hydraulic brake hose for kinks or breaks.
  • Bounce your bike to detect vibration and noise from loose or improperly adjusted parts.
  • Make sure bags are securely mounted and straps do not get caught in the wheels.
  • Check that the air cartridge/CO2 cylinder is complete.

    After each ride, you can:

    • Brush foreign matter away from the wheel and thoroughly inspect the condition of the wheel.
    • If the bike is stained and stained, it should be rinsed or wiped clean. Be careful not to let water directly enter the sensitive components of the bike. After rinsing, bounce the bike to shake off the excess water, and then store the bike in a warm and dry place.
    • If the saddle is wet, wipe it dry. If the bicycle chain is wet, wipe it and lubricate it again with chain lubricant.
    • After riding in wet conditions, remove the seat pan and turn the bike upside down to allow water to drain out of the frame. Then apply grease or anti-adhesion compound and reinstall the seat pass. (If your car uses a carbon fiber saddle, you need to use carbon fiber anti-slip agent).
    • Check the hydraulic brake hose for kinks or breaks
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