Tern秋遊 與神相遇道風山

Tern Autumn Outing and Encounter with God at Daofengshan

Ride the Tern Verge XII to the top of Tao Fong Shan Christian Jungle.

Autumn is coming, so I took advantage of the wind and rode the Tern Verge XII , climbing uphill to Tao Fong Hill in Shatin, and climbing to the top of Tao Fong Hill Christian Jungle, for an extraordinary cycling trip to meet God on Tao Fong Hill. It has been a Christian jungle for nearly a century, and there are Grade II historical buildings everywhere. Passing through the "Dao Feng Realm", you can see the temple that has witnessed the long history; the bright array that leads the soul to the pilgrimage to Jerusalem, and the big white cross that makes the world look humble.

The cart passes through the gate and passes the Institute of Chinese Christian Culture.

To reach Tao Fong Mountain, you have to go through an arduous climb, which makes the pilgrimage appear sincere. The editor rode the Xiaozhe Tern Verge XII . At Exit A of Tai Wai Station, turn right and set off via the bicycle lane. After riding for about 5 minutes, at the bifurcation of the cycling track, turn left and ride along the cycling track. After passing the tunnel, leave the cycling track and turn onto the Causeway Bay Mountain Trail and start climbing up the mountain.

"Daofeng Realm" arch building.

A test of sincerity on Daofongshan Road

The road suddenly slopes sharply at the beginning. Don't be impatient. The distance is not long, so ride slowly. Turn right in the middle of the road and enter Pak Lok Path. The road is gentle until you reach the roundabout at the end. Turn left onto Dao Feng Shan Road. This section of the road is the real thrill. It is on an incline throughout and is buffered by curves in some parts. Just relax and ride up slowly step by step. After riding the curves for about half an hour, you finally reach the top of Tao Fong Shan. Jungle"!

"Daofeng Daqian" conference hall.

Riders remember that when you come to the gate of Christian Jungle, you need to push your bicycle inside, pass by the Chinese Christian Culture Institute, pass through the "Daofeng Realm" arch building, and come to "Daofeng Daqian", park your bicycle in the parking lot, and slowly Visit slowly and calmly, don't make any noise.

Check in to the hotspot temple.

Dao Fong Shan Christian Jungle was founded in 1930 by the Norwegian missionary Rev. Island . Many of the buildings are listed as Grade II historic buildings in Hong Kong, recording the historical changes of Hong Kong. Don’t miss the temple, the bright array, the big white cross, etc. .

Embark on the spiritual path of Ming Zhen.

Temple with rich Chinese characteristics

With the parking lot as the center point, the most eye-catching thing must be the temple. The temple adopts a design with double eaves and octagonal spires, which is full of Chinese characteristics and very eye-catching. The main colors of the temple are blue, white and red. The exterior of the temple is decorated with ancient Chinese architectural features. The intersections of beams and columns form a triangular component called "Sparrow", which looks like a red cross from a distance, making it the focus of tourists checking in in front of the temple. .

After walking through the mountain road to Yuanjue Pasture, we saw many monkeys staring at us.

Embark on the spiritual path of Ming Zhen

The clear array next to the temple looks like a maze from a distance. According to the introduction of the wooden sign, the clear array was used as a spiritual tool in the Middle Ages to replace the pilgrimage to Jerusalem. The clear array in front of you was built in 2005 and is used for spiritual practice and getting closer to God. When people walk there, they can calm their minds.

A large white cross with a height of 12 meters has become the focus of the Christian Jungle in Tao Fong Shan.

Looking down at the Grand Cross in Sha Tin

After visiting the temple and the Ming array, we walked through the temple and walked through the mountain road to Yuanjue Grassland, where many monkeys stared at us. Then we walked past the Gate of Life and the Chinese-style Thanksgiving Pavilion with a hexagonal spire, and finally arrived at the east of the jungle, where a 12- meter-high white cross seemed to guard the Sha Tin area and became the focus of the Tao Fong Shan Christian Jungle.

Before returning, take Fengshan Road. Be careful as the downhill road is narrow.

After visiting the Christian Jungle, cyclists can choose to return to Tai Wai via the same route; or they can walk forward along Tao Feng Shan Road, go around the back of the mountain to the village road, and then connect back to the Causeway Bay Mountain Trail; however, because the mountain road is narrow and downhill, be careful when handling the bicycle.

Written/Photographed by: Louis Choi

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