TERN Kinetix Pro X 鋁合金 25.4 車頭 Handlebar-黑 Black-580mm

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Product Overview

重量只有160克, PRO X 車頭是KINETIX 品牌中最輕量的鋁合金車頭

用上7050 鋁合金,剛性強韌,非常適合每天騎行使用。

建議配搭VRO 或ANDROS 車頭柱,可達最佳體驗。

At a feathery 160 grams, the Pro X handlebar is one of the lightest aluminum handlebars ever created. Engineered from butted 7050 aluminum, it’s stiff and strong enough for daily riding, yet light enough for our most demanding bikes. Best of all? It’s optimized for VRO and Andros handlebar stems.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review