STAGES Smart Bike 智能健身單車機

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MSRP: $28,800.00
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Now: $26,800.00
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Product Overview

– 支持ANT + FE-C控制和Bluetooth Smart FTMS控制
Supports ANT+ FE-C control & Bluetooth Smart FTMS Control 

– 支持ANT +和藍牙
Support ANT+ & Bluetooth Smart power broadcast

– 包含了Stages LR雙面曲柄組作功率測量
Contains a complete Stages LR dual-sided crankset for power measurement

– 在飛輪位置包含了另一個功率測量計,以實時交叉參考

Contains a secondary power measurement at the freewheel to cross-reference in real-time

– 最大電阻為3,000w

Max resistance of 3,000w

– 飛輪重量約為50磅
Flywheel weight is 50lbs


(No reviews yet) Write a Review