SHIMANO XTR 十一速波~CS-M9001~11-40T / SHIMANO XTR 11-SPD SPROCKET~CS-M9001~11-40T

SHIMANO XTR 十一速波~CS-M9001~11-40T / SHIMANO XTR 11-SPD SPROCKET~CS-M9001~11-40T

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The CS-M9001 is the suitable cassette for new XTR 11-speed group with 1×11-speed, 2×11-speed and 3×11-speed gearing.
Rhythm is the essence of smooth power transfer and a proper gear step is the key to maintaining rhythm over varied terrain. The CS-M9000 11-speed 11-40T cassette is the widest range cassette Shimano has ever produced and also the most balanced. Thanks to its “rhythm step” progression it maintains calculated, shock-free gear steps from one gear to the next, saving riders energy and helping maintain their flow on the trail.

The real advantage of 11-speed is the ability to have all the range you require without sacrificing the rhythm you need.

  1. HG-X11 specific tooth profile
  2. Compatible with Shimano 11 speed chains only. We recommend the XTR HG-901 chain for use with this cassette.
  3. Carbon/aluminum spider design for weight savings
  4. Aluminum, titanium and steel cogs for a balance of weight savings and durability
  5. Rhythm Step gear progression offers the most efficient and largest number of useful gears when paired with Shimano cranksets
  6. Tooth Count: 11-13-15-17-19-21-24-27-31-35-40
  7. Compatible with standard 8/9/10 speed Shimano MTB freehub, no special driver body needed. For true 11-speed freehub bodies, such as “road” freehub bodies, a 10-speed conversion spacer will be required for use with this cassette.
  8. Weight: 328g