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OGK Zenard Helmet

JCF (Public Good) Japan Bicycle Federation Federation official recognition

A.I. (Anti-Insect) 
It is adopted mainly for prevention of the insect invasion from the net-in-the-net.A.I. net which encloses the whole head is also suitable for those who want to focus on the fishing.

NIP NORMAL INNER PADDER This is an air pad set with emphasis on airflow for the introduction effect.
Winter This is a winter pad that enhances the winter performance by preventing the wind from penetrating into the helmet.

The XF-5 adapter machine size is doubled from the conventional one, and the hole performance is improved considerably. The angle adjustment of the upper and lower three stages and the front and rear stages is possible.

deodorant Instant deodorant material that uses a new deodorization method that is totally different from the conventional one using nanotechnology. "MOFF" has the effect of instant deodorization, safety and environmental impact. Deodorant fiber.

 ® Sweat is sweated quickly and is always comfortable with Saratsu.
When you sweat from your body, CoolMax® emits moisture to the outside, allowing air to enter from the outside, cooling and drying it, reducing your body temperature and exerting an excellent moisture control function.
"CoolMax®" has a natural fit, and is lightweight and soft in softness.
* "COOLMAX®" and "CoolMax®" are registered trademarks of INVISTA Corporation.