Gore 低阻力波線套裝 / Ride On Low Friction Road Gear Cable Kit

Gore 低阻力波線套裝 / Ride On Low Friction Road Gear Cable Kit

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Gore Ride On Low Friction Gear Cable Set

For years, cyclists of all types have struggled with the problematic nature of friction within their cable systems, leading to sluggish, inexact or unpredictable performance. In answer to these challenges, RideOn® Bicycle Cable Systems were introduced to cycling at the 1993 Fat Tire Festival in Colorado, becoming the first high performance cable systems for cyclists. In 2003, Gore stopped selling cables commercially, but relentless requests from customers for RideOn® Bicycle Cables prompted Gore to look at the popular product line once again.

Equipped with a re-designed and re-engineered RideOn® cable featuring the latest Gore coating technology, Gore is unleashing the new and improved GORET RideOn® Cable Systems to the cycling world. The patented cable coating technology introduced with the new GORET RideOn® Cable Systems significantly lowers friction, producing quick, precise and predictable movements. Tested for friction and durability, the GORET RideOn® Cable Systems are available in two types for any type of riding. Whether it's a winding road or rocky trail, the GORET RideOn® Cable Systems were designed to battle the elements and win.

Low Friction System

High-performance cable system that replaces galvanized, other coated and stainless steel cables. Patented cable coating technology designed for low friction and durability. Works with most brakes or shifters on most bikes.

System Includes:

  • Coated Cables
  • Cable Housings
  • Crimp Caps
  • Ferrules